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item no.: 109247305001
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product name: Gucci BLOP+BLOT+GUIT+BAMP Coffret Set (4piece) item no.: 109247305001 brand: Gucci
function: category: gift sets product size: 4 piece
country of origin: Italy



GUCCI BLOP+BLOT+GUIT+BAMP Coffret Set (5mlx4pcs)
The must buy perfume for the ladies, once in possession! The set includes Bamboo, Guilty, Bloom Acqua Di Fiori and Bloom perfumes, so you can choose from the mood, occasions, and surrounding by fragrance all the time!

The set contains :

Gucci Bloom eau de parfum (5ml)
This is the first fragrance developed wholly under creative director, Alessandro Michele’s creative vision. He wanted “a rich white floral fragrance, a courageous scent that transports you to a vast garden filled with many flowers and plants” The fragrance combines the Tuberose, Jasmine and Rangoon Creeper—a unique flower discovered in South India that being used for the first time in perfumery to create a rich fragrance that transports the wearer to an imaginary garden. The scent is refreshing, elegant and warm, showing the energetic and multi-glamour, which is the best gift from Michele for the ladies who recognizes his artistic creation.

Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori eau de toilette (5ml)
A fragrance with addition of Green Galbanum and dainty Cassis buds to show women's true, energetic and happy character. Modulated by the master perfumer Alberto Morillas, the notes Tuberose and jasmine combine with Rangoon Creeper are intertwined, as if the whole spring is in the bottle, it is amazing.

Gucci Guilty eau de toilette (5ml)
Pink Pepper is boldly added to top note, emphasizing the bravery of women. The middle note is made of Lilac, Geranium and scent of Peach, filling the air with the temptation of women. Patchouli and Amber in base note offer pleasures to all the senses, and reveal the glamour of Asian women.

Gucci Bamboo eau de parfum (5ml)
Designed for modern women, according to Gucci Bamboo accessories. Reveals confidence, firmness, elegance, tenderness of a modern woman.

Bergamot gives a sweet and fresh opening. Middle note consists of ylang-ylang, Casablanca lily, orange blossom, which expresses a woman’s uniqueness. Base note consists of sandalwood, Tahitian vanilla, amber, which reveals a woman’ s toughness and independency.

how to use

Step 1: Spray a little of the perfume on wrist after bathing or before going out. Step 2: Touch your wrists together very lightly. Step 3: Then apply on neck or back of the ears. Friendly Reminder: Do not rub your wrists together. The delicate scent molecules will be crushed.


Gucci Bloom eau de parfum White flowers such as sambac jasmine from India and tuberose as the main notes, mixed with Musk, Rangoon Creeper, Chinese honeysuckle and the woody accents of orris root. Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori eau de toilette  Top Notes: black currant, lemon  Middle Notes: tuberose, jasmine and gentian  Base Note: sandalwood, musk, ambergris Gucci Guilty eau de toilette  Top Notes: Pink Pepper  Heart Notes: Lilac  Base Notes: Patchouli and Amber Gucci Bamboo eau de parfum  Top Notes: Bergamot  Heart Notes: Ylang-ylang, Casablanca lily, orange blossom  Base Notes: Sandalwood, Tahitian vanilla, amber

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