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item no.: 108245502001
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specification: 12 piece
functions:Hydrating WhiteningBrighteningAnti-oxidizingFirmingAnti-wrinkleHydratingAnti-wrinkleWhiteningBrightening


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product name: COYU 10000PPM COPPER PEPTIDE ULTIMATE MOISTURIZING ESSENCE (12piece) item no.: 108245502001 brand: COYU
function: Hydrating WhiteningBrighteningAnti-oxidizingFirmingAnti-wrinkleHydratingAnti-wrinkleWhiteningBrightening category: Essence product size: 12 piece



10000ppm Copper Peptide Ultimate Moisturizing Essence is developed by a professional medical-grade biotechnology institute in Japan. With the aid of “ultra nano permeating technology”, star ingredients including high concentration copper peptide (GHK-Cu) (processed with “unqiue NANO encapsulated technology”), hyaluronic acid (in extra high concentration), vitamin B3 and jellyfish collagen can all be permeated into the bottom of skin swiftly and deeply. There they awaken the regeneration function of cells, improve elasticity of skin and lighten wrinkles. Enjoy better fullness and firmness of skin now and say goodbye to dryness.
No surgical injection required, painless and risk-free. Use this product for 7 days consecutively to obtain significant improvement in moisture, whiteness and brightness of skin — comparable to the effects of shuiguang needle injection available at beauty institutes.
Unqiue NANO Encapsulated Technology
Unqiue NANO encapsulated technology is applied in this new product to keep its copper peptide (GHK-Cu) ingredient fresh and highly active in capsules, which also allows the instant release of moisturizing effect. The immediate moisturizing effect after applying is followed by a sense of silkiness one could experience. It also fills every cell with energy and restores the fullness and radiance of skin.

how to use

Direction of Use
After cleaning, push and expel the essence into palm and then apply evenly on face, around the eyes and forehead with fingers. Massage until the essence is completely absorbed by the skin for better results.


Copper Peptide: It is medically proven that copper peptide (GHK-Cu) can effectively promote the formation of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin as well as the growing of skin stem cells.
Its effect is more remarkable than traditional ingredients such as vitamin c, melatonin and isotretinoin. It is also less irritating than other ingredients.