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product name: SAYA SAYA Slim in Cleaning Set (4 boxes) (4piece) item no.: 104179504001 brand: SAYA
function: WhiteningDetoxBodyMetabolism category: Slimming Food product size: 4 piece
country of origin: Hong Kong



Each set of SAYA Slim in Cleaning Set (4 boxes) contains 4 boxes of Slim in Cleaning. Each box contains 7 bags (12g x 7).

SAYA Slim in Cleaning is design to fight against excessive lower body fat, reactivating the thin muscular tissue so as to burning excessive fat at the same time detoxify the body, hence achieving perfect body slimming regime. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, using it daily can improve skin elasticity, while relieving recurrent constipation, reduce lipid deposition beneath the abdomen, prevent acne formation, speed up the metabolism. Blending the formula with Garcinia cambogia, and dietary fiber, effectively blocks and burn fat.


  • Antioxidant

    The sliming formula contains co Q10, an antioxidant with re-energizing effect , the skin can be protected from the damage of oxidation. After 20 years of age, the body levels of coenzyme Q10 to decline significantly. Full replenishment of coenzyme Q10 can improve skin condition and reduce wrinkles, renders skin with elasticity and luminous complexion.
  • Relieve recurrent constipation

    Papaya enzyme efficiently break down fats, will improve discomfort caused by digestive system.


  • The formula includes lactic acid bacteria, papaya enzyme, white kidney bean extract, Garcinia cambogia, water-soluble fiber, green apple extract, and Co Q10 and other natural ingredients.
  • Co Q10

    Effectively whitening and light up skin tone. Increase the moisture level within skin and hence reducing wrinkles. It strengthens heart muscle, alleviate fatigue and maintain a healthy heart condition.
  • Papaya enzyme

    Botanic proteolytic enzymes energizes the immune system, removes the old corneous tissue , focusing on decomposition of carbohydrates and fat, enhancing the slimming effect .
  • Lactobacillus

    It helps the absorption and transformation of nutrients to improve the intestinal system, enhanced intestinal purification and hence improves metabolism Increase intestinal peristalsis in order to sooth and improve constipation.
  • green apple extract

    contains vitamin C-rich heart-healthy potassium, can maintain myocardial function, kidneys, nervous system and normal functioning of gastrointestinal system function, there are lower blood pressure effect, to help prevent high blood pressure, preventing the formation of anemia.

how to use

Recommended to drink it 15 minutes before breakfast. Poured one sachet into 300ml warm water (or juice). Drink a minimum of 8 cups of water, to achieve an optimal effect of slimming detoxification.

The following course of treatment are also recommended for more pronounced detoxification and weigh-loss:

  • For cultivating a healthy intestinal system: a pack per day in the morning.15 minutes before a meal for the best result. Complete the "Thorough liposuction and digestive system stabilization treatment ", to effectively prevent obesity, lower body of water accumulation.
  • One week per month in intestinal detoxification: For 7 days each month, drink the formula 15 minutes before a meal in the morning for optimal effect. Complete the "Thorough liposuction and digestive system stabilization treatment ", ,then choose the "1 week monthly intestinal cleaning regime" purifying digestive system, keeping them healthy.
  • Thorough liposuction and digestive system stabilization: For 2 consecutive months , takes 2 pack a day, fasting in the morning and lunch or take it with an empty stomach 15 minutes before dinner for best result. 2-3 times a year to ensure body fat and harmful substances are constantly being removed form the body system.

country of origin

Hong Kong