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item no.: 109112604001
now: HK$340.00
RRP: HK$ 425.00
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specification: 4 piece


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product name: Chloé COFFRET SET (4piece) item no.: 109112604001 brand: Chloé
active from: 2018-09-10 00:00:00 product size: 4 piece country of origin: France
function: category: fragrance minis



Chloé COFFRET SET (4PC) contains:

【Chloé EDT】(5 ml)

Chloé EDT, bases on the classic rose floral note, filling you with fresh and pleasant scent.

Bergamot is added to Top Note, bringing a little bit sweetness and sourness. Together with Magnolia, the scent makes you look more elegant and attractive. The Middle Note combines White Rose and Cotton, distributing bursts of freshness. The Base Note blends White Musk with Gardenia, adding a sense of mysterious fragrance to the overall flavor.

【Chloé Love Story EDT】(7.5 ml)

Love Story EDT seems like a couple hug under sunshine full of joy and romantic.

The love lock design inspired by the Paris Love Bridge, giving people a sense of heart and sweet ain the floral fragrance of joy.

【Chloé EDP】(5 ml)

Chloé EDP, bases on the classic rose scent. Top Note blends Pink Peony with Lychee and Freesia, distributing fresh and elegant fragrance. Middle Note combines Magnolia Flower, Lily of the Valley and Rose, leaving you a charming fragrance. Cedarwood and Amber are added to the Base Note, delivering a much more long lasting scent.

【Love Story EDP】(7.5 ml)

Love Story EDP, adopts a formula with sweet orange blossom, letting you fall into a sweet and pleasant love.

The fragrance starts with the sweet and elegant Orange Blossoms, which takes you to the Art Bridge in Paris, and wraps you in the romantic atmosphere. Madagascar Jasmine in the Middle Note leaves to you a little bit tenderness. Together with the Cedarwood in the Base Note, the time freezes and you instantly stay in this love moment full of floral scent.

how to use

Before going out, apply directly to skin at pulse points (e.g. neck, inside wrists and behind ears).


【Chloé EDT】 Scent: Rose Floral Note Top Note: Magnolia, Bergamot Middle Note: White rRose, Cotton Base Note: White Musk, Gardenia 【Chloé Love Story EDT】 Scent: Pleasant Floral Note Top Note: Orange Blossom Middle Note: Cherry Blossom Base Note: Nasturtium 【Chloé EDP】 Scent: Rose Floral Note Top Note: Pink Peony, Freesia, Lychee Middle Note: Magnolia Flower, Lily of the Valley, Rose Base Note: Cedarwood, Amber, Honey 【Love Story EDP】 Top Note: Neroli Orange Blossom Middle Note: Orange Blossom, Madagascar Jasmine Base Note: Cedarwood

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